November 4, 2013

A cocktail for breakfast?

Piña Colada Jar

I don't know why, but oats and fruits taste so much better out of a jar! I create new breakfast jar recipes every day. Since lately I like creating breakfast "cocktails" - I skip the alcohol, of course.

This one is a Piña Colada breakfast jar with lots of coconut flakes and pineapple like the classic cocktail!


oatmeal chia mixture
20 grams coconut flakes
1 banana
150 grams pineapple
20 grams plain yogurt of choice
1 tbs chopped almonds


Mix 15 grams of coconut flakes with the oatmeal chia mixture. Blend pineapple (reserve a few for decoration) and banana with yogurt and water.
First layer is the oatmeal chia coconut mixture. Next layer is the pineapple smoothie. Pour 5 grams coconut flakes on the smoothie, put pineapple pieces and almonds on top. 


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