January 1, 2014

Stockholm Day 2 & 3

Day 2

Birgit arrived the night before! Yeehaaaw! 4 girls now. 
Of course we had to show her the cool Swedish shops, boutiques and pubs. 

[here are pics from our first day in Stockholm]


Espresso House - a Starbucks-like chain here - is a super comfy and nice coffee house. Their Soy Chai Latte is AMAZING!! I swear, they serve the best I ever had (forget Intelligentsia Coffee on Abbot Kinney....sorry beautiful L.A.). 

Cozy sofas, bookshelves, friendly staff, lusters made from antlers. Starbucks with a Swedish touch! Just beautiful.

I had the Soy Chai Latte as I was a bit hungover. Oops. Haha. 
The others had creamcheese bagels and greek yogurt. 

Hötorgshallen is a market where you get food from all over the world. They offer a variety of fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat. There are also samples at the counters. 
For a light snack you should go there! 

We walked through Stockholm to get to the tram station no. 7 (it's the only tram line in Stockholm). Our next stop was the Vasa Museum. This museum is a must!! 


Stockholm is a very expensive city. Oh dear! This is why we grabed food at the supermarket. Coop at T-Centralen has a  yummie salad bar and it is not as expensive as you might think. Its variety of vegetables is amazing. They also have fresh avocado slices there. Yumyum! I love avocados!! 

I paid like 6€ for this whole bowl: 

AND: I got Raw Bite here!!! Oh how I love Sweden!


We went to "our" pub again, The Dubliner, to get a beer before we headed to Södermalm to meet up with some friends. They waited at a bar called Malmen. A very trendy bar at the moment they told us. A bit too fancy for us. 
We only stayed for a (very expensive) cocktail. Not-so-cool-night! 

Day 3


As the girls loved the creamcheese bagel from Espresso House I had to try it the next day. Espresso House serves breakfast combos - I chose the bagel with a chai latte. It was 65 Swedish Kronor. A good deal for Sweden I think. 

Gamla Stan again! 

Boat Tour

We booked the "Stockholm Winter Tour" online in the morning. There's a run on those boat trips...I recommend to book a ride with strömma.
The guide on the boat speaks english and talks about the swedish history, landscape, islands. As it was very warm the day we did the tour our boat couldn't break any ice. Unfortunately. The boats are ice breakers and if you have the chance to go when it's cold and snowy then go!!

Our second home here LOL

Look at this delicious creamcheese frosting carrot muffin! Very sweet and very good!!!!


Pizza Hut! As we don't have Pizza Hut in Austria I always try to go there when I am in a country where the pizza chain is located. We all wanted a cheese crust pizza, but 290 Swedish Kronor for a large pizza??? Really?? 

I got this medium half exotic chicken half forest pizza for 190 Kronor:

Day 4...


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