March 12, 2014

Mung Bean Patties

Ever heard of mung beans? 

Mung beans are traditionally used in the Asian cuisine. Maybe you know the most widely consumed sprout that comes from the mung bean (often mistakenly called as soybean sprouts)?

I love beans in every imaginable way: with soy sauce (is this weird?), mashed as a dip, in salads, as patties, as chips, in soups. 

Cooked mung beans are very delicious when you add spices and seasonings. When you buy dried mung beans you have to soak them overnight. They will sprout a bit. The sprouting can increase their nutritional value and make them even easier on the digestive system. Then cook them in water for about 30 minutes until water is absorbed. Maybe you have to add more water...just make sure the beans are soft.

Last week I made mung bean patties with carrots, avocado and a soy-mustard-sesame seed sauce. 


200 grams mung beans, cooked
100 grams carrots, shredded 
2 eggs
2 tbs coconut flour
1/4 onion 
sesame seeds 
soy sauce 
dijon mustard 
salt & pepper 
olive oil


1. Mash the mung beans and mix it with 60 grams carrots, chopped onion, eggs, coconut flour, salt and pepper. 
2. Heat olive oil in a pan and bake mung bean patties ("dough" should make 5-6). 
3. Mix 5 tbs soy sauce with 1 tsp dijon mustard and sesame seeds.
4. Cut avocado in pieces.
5. Place rest of the carrots on a plate. Stack patties and garnish with avocado. 
6. Pour sauce over patties. VoilĂ !