June 2, 2014

DIY Flower Crown

Festival season is coming up and it is time to think about where to go and what to wear. 

My favorite and cutest accessory will be a flower crown I made lately. Hippie-like. Yes, I know, it's not Woodstock (ha!) nor Coachella....aww how bad I wanna go to Coachella! ....next year I go..or so...

Anyway, this is how you make a flower crown yourself! 

You'll need: 
  • a variety of fake flowers
  • scissors
  • green fabric (I used an old shirt and cut it into stripes) 
  • elastic band (optional)
  • hot glue gun

1. Start by trimming the floral buds off the steems.

2. Now turn the flowers around and cut off this small little thing. 

3. Then take your flowers and set them out in the desired pattern. 

4. Take the green fabric stripe and wrap it around your head to establish the size for your crown. You can only use the green fabric or you add a small piece of elatstic band like I did....I think it is not necessary. I just didn't know that before ;) 

5. Once you set out the flowers secure them in place with the hot glue gun. Be creative, attach bigger and smaller flowers. You can also add the leaves. Too easy! 
I made two flower crowns - for me and my sister <3

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