January 9, 2014

Juice Cleanse Day 2

* I woke up refreshed and wasn't tired at all. And: I couldn't wait to drink my green juice!

* Thank God I decided to use pineapple for the juice of the day...I can't imagine drinking any juice with beet again. lol.

* I went to gym at 10am. I just did a little bit of cardio and weight lifting. I think you shouldn't workout too much during a juice cleanse.

* Arrrgh! Don't go on any Instagram or Pinterest food blog! I did it today. What a torture! 

* Also today I wasn't hungry. I was busy with making my homemade granola and breakfast jars for my friends. There was no time to be hungry. 

* We decided to have dinner before we drink the smoothie because my boyfriend was so hungry. At 4.30pm I ate a small omelette with beans and homemade guacamole. Very yummie! Remember: only eat 250 grams per day!

* I was sipping on my tea all day in between the juices. No starving :) 


* I am almost done. Yes! 1 day to go! 

Here is a recap from day 1! 

Do you want to do a juice cleanse too? Try this one :)

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