January 2, 2014

Stockholm Day 4

Click here and here to see what we discovered the days before.

Day 4


Thanks to my friend Ekaterina (follow this beautiful girl on Instagram @ekaterinamurphy) we discovered one of the best breakfast spots in Stockholm: Mellqvist. A cute little cafe which reminded us of Lisboa because of the wall tiles. They serve delicious sandwiches and pastries and their coffee is great too.

As we wanted to eat only traditional Swedish food on this day I had an egg and caviar sandwich. I usually don't like caviar, but I had to try it. It tasted sweet (the bread was crusty and with raisins or something like that) and salty - the combination was just awesome! 

This place seems to be always crowded and you might not get a table, but it is definitely a must go when you like to try excellent sandwiches!! 

With a coffee to go we set off for a long walk to Södermalm. Here is a map from our route:

Größere Kartenansicht

On our way we were walking over Västerbron, an arch bridge with an awesome view of Gamla Stan. 

Time for a snack

...and then we spotted CHOKLADBOLLEN! There were big chocolate balls with all kinds of tastes and sprinkles in the window. We had to stop here!!! Although we were still full from breakfast we went into the little cafe. 

We tried Hazelnut, Sprinkles, Daim and Snickers. YUM! 

You have a panoramic view over Kungsholmen and Gamla Stan from Monteliusvägen (see map!). So lucky it was sunny and warm on that day!

If you are in the mood of shopping, then wander up and down Götgatan (pedestrian area). There is Monki, Weekday, H&M, American Apparel. And there are some pubs too. Go to Tiffany's (yeah not a cool name for a pub..) - they serve Samuel Adams!! 

So this was our last full day in Stockholm. It ended at our favourite pub The Dubliner with Newcastle beers and butterscotch shots and new friends from Sweden, Holland, the US, Switzerland and Australia. 

Thank you for the awesome citytrip, girls! xoxo

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