April 12, 2014

21-Day Vegan Challenge. Day 5 - 21

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrghh! Thanks to Instagram I found out that Worcester sauce contains anchovies! I used Worcester sauce for the salad dressing on day 1. Just some drops of it but still. 

Maybe you noticed that I didn't eat noodles or rice the last few days. I'm not a big fan of pasta. I eat it extremely rarely. And rice is my friend with raw fish only (so no option during my vegan experience lol). 

Conclusion of my vegan experience

It was not hard for me to live vegan. I didn't miss any cheese, meat, eggs, milk chocolate. I experienced an energy boost in week 2. OMG I could have worked out all day but I had to study for my law exam. So I did just the usual cardio/weightlifting sessions. 

I also quit drinking alcohol the past 3 weeks. On day 21 I had a glass of Spritzer (white wine and sparkling water) and I didn't even finish it as it didn't taste good at all (and it was not about the wine. I only have tasty wines at home). So my question is: can your taste buds change?? So weird!

Anyway, if you want to go vegan, also if it's only for a few weeks, I recommend to buy

a vegan cook book!

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! Attila Hildmann saved my vegan diet! I have his books Vegan For Fit and Vegan For Fun. Guys, you definetely have (to learn how) to cook when you don't want to eat salad all the time! You have to experiment with seasonings and herbs otherwise it's no fun. 

There will be a review of Attila Hildmann's books online in a few days. I will keep you updated!! 

And now? Meat? Dairy? No. I've had no desire for meat and still don't have. I was also watching food documentaries during the vegan challenge....they can really change lives. But by now I can't say if I could live vegan forever. 

Here is my little food diary (selected meals) from the past 2 weeks

If you are interested in any of my recipes just write it in comments and I will post them in the near future.

March 27

Humus, tahina, falafel. Great combo and vegan. I used humus in almost every dressing for my salads. Makes it thick and creamy. 
I recommend the Neni products you get at many supermarkets here in Vienna (and the rest of Austria?)

March 28 

It was time for our not-so-monthly lunch date and it was the first time of my vegan challenge I went to a restaurant. We decided to go to Stadtkind near university...I studied their menu online in advance. You never know what you are going to expect! I couldn't really find any vegan meals on the menu, there was salad with chicken and salmon, burgers, cheese whatever and so on. Only option I found was tomato soup. Oh great. Thankfully they handed out the weekly menu when we arrived at Stadtkind. Surprise! They served a vegan meal: oyster mushrooms. 

March 30

BBQ at my family's place! I brought portobello mushrooms and sweet potatoes with me. I don't want to eat a vegan bratwurst or any other vegan sausage. Would be so absurd. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures :(

March 31

Grilled mushrooms, grilles asparagus, tomatoes, baby spinach, mixed seeds with humus dressing.

April 3

Falafel-Tofu salad with beetroot humus dressing.

April 4

Smoothie Bowl

April 5

Best vegan burger EVER! Ok, it was my first vegan burger ever haha 

Even my boyfriend liked the soy patty! 
Another vegan boyfriend-approved meal. Yes!

April 7

Strawberry Banana ice cream
Find the recipe here.

April 8

Lentils with grilled vegetables.

April 10

Great invention: the spiralizer! Zucchini pasta with vegan carbonara sauce.


  1. find ich spitze, dass dus probiert hast;) seine bücher sind definitiv die besten ! :) ich hatte auch mehr energie als ich 100% vegan gegessen habe :) & mochte alkohol auch nicht mehr wirklich. woher hast du dein burger-tofu-fleisch?
    xx lisa tabea

  2. sieht super lecker aus vorallem der burger ;)