April 23, 2014

Oh you dreamy creamy Batida de Coco!


Sounds like summer, right?? 

This yummie breakfast jar was on last Sunday's TBB menu. As it was Easter weekend some of my customers/friends were having breakfast/brunch/lunch with their families and didn't order my breakfast...and they asked if the coconut jar will be available soon again as they wanted to try it so bad! 

Yes, guys! Miss Strawberry Coconut is on this weekend's menu AGAIN! Your welcome lol :)


Oatmeal Chia Mixture
1 1/2 bananas 

1 tsp raw cocoa powder
fresh coconut meat
coconut flakes  
15 grams of my homemade granola
50 grams strawberries

raw cocoa nibs
coconut chips


1. First layer is the oatmeal-chia mix. Stir in 1 tsp raw cocoa powder and put it in the fridge overnight.
2. Blend banana, coconut meat and coconut flakes with water (should turn into a thick smoothie). Pour the smoothie on the oatmeal mix.
3. Pour granola over the smoothie.
4. Cut strawberries in small pieces.
5. Put strawberries, raw cocoa nibs and coconut chips on top. Voilà!

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