April 15, 2014

Raw Cashew Butter

I am loving this vegan experience so much. I decided to extend it and will eat vegan for the next days/weeks with a few exceptions. Tonight we planned a dinner at the californian restaurant Livingstone. I checked their menu in advance. Definitely no chance for any vegan option. Boooh! 

Ever since I started my 21-day vegan challenge (check out my first days here and here) I eat lots of seeds and nuts. I was already a cashew nut-lover before (ok, yes, the roasted and salted ones), but never tried the raw cashews. They are so soft and sweet!

As they were on sale lately I bought a pack and made raw cashew butter.

My first homemade nut butter! 

Guys, you have to try this!! You can't go wrong with nut butter!!

You need 

raw cashews
pinch of salt 
food processor
 ...and lots of patience

I used 300 grams of raw cashews. After a couple of seconds in the food processor they should look like this:

Then you have the part of the nut butter making that takes forever: getting it from crunchy to creamy. I thought I need syrup or water to make it more creamy. Just add a pinch of salt.

DON'T OVERHEAT THE FOOD PROCESSOR! I borrowed it from my mum. Thank God I didn't destroy this perfect invention. So keep it spinning for 20 seconds and wait. Scrape the thick cashew paste from the sides, spin again, stop and scrape. Do this again and again.

You will think that this is never gonna work. 

Don't add syrup or any other liquid!

Just be patient. You will get there :) 

And give your food processor a rest every couple of minutes for 5 minutes. I just don't want you to ruin it. So don't overheat it. Always remember that!

Yeah this really takes long.....but it is worth it. 

Enjoy this wonderful creamy nut butter with your bagel, on top of your granola or as a cupcake frosting. Or just plain. But be warned, it is extremely addictive!



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