July 16, 2014

Stay hydrated. Stay healthy.

It is so important to stay hydrated! 


And especially right now, during summer when it is hot outside. Water is important for our skin and hair, for controlling body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. 

We need lots of it. Let's say 2-3 liters a day. For me it is hard to drink that much water. I can't really say why. Arghh. Maybe I just forget to drink?

Here is a blog post from Lauren Conrad about how to make yourself to drink more water. Maybe it helps? I will try :) 

Sources of water

Uhm....water? LOL :) 

And what about fruits? Watermelon is 90% of water!! And who doesn't like watermelon? I love making watermelon juice. Sweet and easy. You should try it!

Of course coffee and tea also counts as "water". And no, those drinks are not dehydrating. Popular myth.....

During summer time I love fruit infused water. 

See what I used? Blueberries! So fresh and delicious! You can add fruits you want. If you want to eat the fruits make sure to eat them quick. They will be mushy and inedible after a few hours. 

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