September 11, 2014

2-Layer Minty Berry Jar


Are you ready for this??

This is the first 2-layer breakfast jar here on my blog. Hooraaaay! I think the ingredients fit perfectly together. 

I was a bit in a hurry this morning. I had to do a new menu for Sunday and had no idea which fruits and nuts I should use. I created this new jar when I was standing in the middle of the fruits/veggies section in the grocery store. Inspiration, inspiration!


Oats & Chia Mixture
50 grams strawberries
1 apple
1 banana
some mint leaves
15 grams of my homemade granola
1 fig
coconut flakes


1. First layer is the oats-chia mix.
2. pink layer: blend strawberries and the apple with just a bit of water. Make sure it is not getting too liquid.
3. light green layer: blend banana and mint leaves. 
4. Pour the first smoothie on the oatmeal mix. 
5. Then use a ladle and slowly ladle the green smoothie onto the other one.
6. Next layer is the granola.
7. Cut the fig into small pieces.
8. Garnish your breakfast jar with fig and coconut flakes. 


Perfect, right? 

x. TBB

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