October 10, 2014

Ready for ZOODLES? Zucchini Pasta! Yes!! I know!

Thanks to vegan guru Attila Hildmann I have a new best friend.

It's a spiralizer. No. Joke.

Sshhhhh....it is one of the best inventions ever made. This kitchen gadget is a must have!

With this little thing you can spiralize carrots, zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, beets,...anything! 

You know what's the best thing about veggie noodles? Low carbs! Healthy.

Eat zoodles with your favourite sauce - carbonara, bolognese, pesto, aglio e olio, cheese sauce - or, if you want to try something new...a very delicious, outstanding, life changing sauce then try this recipe (I got it from my boyfriend):

You need (for 4)

4-5 large zucchinis
extra virgin olive oil
200 ml white wine
150 g shiitake mushrooms
100 g oyster mushrooms
sun-dried tomatoes
6 cocktail tomatoes
40 g capers
1 scallion
150 ml vegetable stock
100 ml cream 

First of all, preheat oven to 130 degrees Celsius. Then spiralize the zucchinis. You will see that the zoodles are really long. Best is to cut them into "spaghetti" lenghts. I usually just cut the whole bunch of zoodles 2 or 3 times. Then you have shorter and longer veggie spaghetti. Season zoodles with olive oil, salt and pepper and put them in the oven

Put oil in a pan. Cut scallion into small pieces. Cut sun-dried tomatoes into stripes. Sautée scallion. Deglaze with white wine and reduce to half. Add sun-dried tomatoes, capers, 1 tbs water of capers, vegetable stock and bring to a simmer. 

Prepare mushrooms for cooking and cut them into slices. Sear mushrooms for about 3 minutes in another pan with olive oil. Put pan aside. 

Add cream to the sauce and bring to simmer. Add more water or stock if it is too thick. Cut cocktail tomatoes in half. Add mushrooms and tomatoes to the sauce. Season with salt and pepper. 

The zoodles should be warm now. Take them out of the oven. 

Serve zoodles on big plates with sauce on top. 

I am pretty sure you will love this recipe.

I am so so addicted to zucchini pasta! 

xox TBB

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