October 2, 2014

TBB Breakfast Jar Tutorial

How to: 

make a TBB breakfast jar 

You need

30 grams oats
1-2 tsps chia seeds
milk of choice
1 banana
70 grams frozen strawberries
2 tsps acaí powder
 15 grams granola (maybe you wanna try my recipe)
1 kiwi
coconut chips
freeze dried strawberry pieces

Soak oats and chia seeds in milk and water

Soak it overnight or for a couple of hours. 
Why soak them? See here.

I love chia seeds!

Blend acaí, strawberries and banana with water (not too much water!!). Should turn into a thick smoothie.

So pink. So perfect!

Pour smoothie on the oats/chia mix.

Sprinkle granola on the smoothie layer.

Cut kiwi into small pieces and put them on top. 

Don't forget to add coconut flakes..

..and freeze dried strawberries. 

xox TBB

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