December 21, 2014

DIY: Bath Salts

Right now it seems like winter is canceled this year. 

It's 11 degrees Celsius, sunny and it feels like spring already. Hello, global warming.

Although I am not a winter person I always enjoy the first snow. 

But white christmas this year? Uhm, I guess not. 

Even though the warm temperatures do not indicate it: Christmas is here. 

And during winter time I love to take long baths....when it is cold outside. Ha! Yes, I know. Damn. 
Anyway, last week was the first time I made bath salts myself! It was a gift for a very good friend and her mum.

It doesn't matter whether you are a bubble bath or a relaxing bath type of person, you should try making bath salts yourself! You can use the essential oil you like the most and color the salts
 in your favorite color!

You need 

epsom salts
food coloring 
essential oils ( I used lavender and lemongrass)


1. In a large bowl combine epsom salt with a few drops of essential oils of choice. 
2. If you use liquid food coloring just add a few drops until you get the desired shade. If you use powder food coloring add only 1/2 (!!!) teaspoon water or less - we just want to combine the color with the salts. 
3. Gift idea: Store bath salts in small jars like I did.

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