March 31, 2015

Dunnas Bikini Review

Most of my posts have been healthy eating/travel related, however after I received my new Dunnas swimwear I decided to blog about them.

Dunnas is a company that sells bikinis, sunglasses, jewellery, headbands and handbags. The first time I took notice of Dunnas was when I was searching the internet for brazilian style bikinis. Why brazilian style? The bikini bottoms are so sexy, omg! Dunnas offers sexy tops and bottoms, different styles and prints. The bikinis are high quality swimwear made in Brazil. I am totally in love with my bikinis from Dunnas and can't imagine a summer without them! 

Each time you order from or there is a flat shipping rate of 5$ (US or UK order) or 20$ (worldwide)

When you use my special discount code tbb25 you get 25% off your order! . 

I received the pink/red bow bikini agua rossa and a very pretty bandeau bikini agua in US size S. Bottom and top fit perfectly! The bikinis are incredible quality. There's a huge focus on details - and I love details! And did I already tell you that they are made in Brazil?! Aww Brazil!!

Agua Rossa

The bottom is super tiny, of course! Here in Austria you don't get brazilian style bikini bottoms...they just don't sell them. Prude Europe? I don't know. I mean, the bottom isn't that small (I am sure women in Brazil wear bikini bottoms that look like thongs). What I really like about this bikini
is that you tie a bow on the right side of the bottom. That makes it special and ohhh no annoying cutting into my skin. A padded top with halterneck tie straps. So cute. I feel very comfortable and I can't wait for my next vacation or spa day to wear them. The bikini looks great and I bet it is perfect for tanning! 


My favorite bikini tops are bandeau tops! The perfect style for my body shape. I was a bit scared that the bottom would cut into my skin because there were no bows or chance to make it a bit wider but also this bikini fits perfectly! I love the little golden details.

To purchase one of these beautiful bikinis visit (US + worldwide) or (UK + worldwide). And don't forget to use my discount code tbb25 :)  If cost is something holding you back I will definitely say that these are worth it! High quality, good customer service, unique styles and prints. I am sure you won't regret it!
There are many other bikini styles online. Wear whatever you want as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable! This is just my personal experience with Dunnas and I am a big fan of brazilian style bottoms.  

xx TBB

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