May 21, 2015

Pretty & Pink Pitahaya

The people who follow me on instagram already know: 

I have a new favorite fruit! Pink pitahaya....or pitaya or dragonfruit. That fruit already caught my eye years ago! Because, well, look at the bright and vibrant color! The layered breakfast jar above is hands down one of the prettiest I have ever made.

I tried dragon fruit before. The white one. Pink outside, white with black seeds inside. Very pretty too, but I am a girl and I love pink - the pink version is so much cuter and so much more trendy ;) 


I paid like 2,90 Euros for the pitahaya. Not cheap but worth a try. Comment below if you know places in Vienna where you get it cheaper? The past 3 days I put pitahaya in my breakfast jars and smoothie (and I still have some fruit
left!! Whoa!). If you prepare the fruit make sure to wear single-use gloves! My fingers were so pink and water and soap didn't help....

Oh and next Sunday we have a delicious TBB jar with pitahaya on the menu (deliveries in Vienna, Mödling and Baden! more infos: MENU). The fruit will be in the smoothie and on top. Pitahaya overload, yummie! 

Health benefits
  • increases energy levels
  • high in fiber, vitamin C and calcium
  • high in antioxidants
  • beauty-enhancing fruit as it delays aging of skin cells
  • seeds contain omega-3 fats (aka healthy fats)
  • it's known to decrease seasonal allergies
  • good for detox

Pitahaya Smoothie Recipe

Easy smoothie that is made in 2 minutes!
1/4 pitahaya 
1/2 banana 
ice & 150 ml water
50 ml almond milk 


xox TBB

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