July 28, 2015

LivWell Plant Protein

When you live on a vegan diet you always hear things like 'do you eat enough protein? what's your protein source?' bla bla.. yes of course. I eat beans, lentils and nuts. And there are a lot more sources of plant-based protein. Protein is so important for your health and it helps your muscles to recover and grow after a workout. 


So what about protein powder? First of all, when it comes to protein powder, choose a quality product. I am very picky about what I choose to put into my body. Gross tasting protein powder? We all know what I am talking about. Eww. I've been searching for vegan plant protein powder and found LivWell - an organic superfood plant protein blend. 
And guess what?! It tastes amazing! Yes, really! 

It comes in 2 different flavors: raw cacao & vanilla bean. Both are very tasty & vanilla is my favorite!! I like to add it to banana almond smoothies and granola. Yum! Just mix it with your favorite plant-based milk and voila! You could even add it to pancakes, yogurt, juices. Oh heeeeyyy did I mention 17 grams of protein!? 

This was my protein shake yesterday after a run through the vinyards. Rice milk with vanilla bean protein powder. Best is to use a high-power blender to make it creeeeaaamy!



Vanilla Bean

organic pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic hemp protein (best combination! plant protein combined with another plant protein completes the essential amino acid profile), organic sacha inchi protein (the seeds of sacha inchi have high protein content!!), organic maca root (love it!), organic vanilla bean (mmhh), organic ground cinnamon, organic stevia leaf, xanthan gum. 

Raw Cacao
organic pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic hemp protein, organic sacha inchi protein, organic maca root, organic raw cacao, organic mesquite pod, organic stevia leaf, xanthan gum.

The granola option:

Hello, raw cacao powder!

Love. TBB


  1. Thanks for making me aware of this protein powder. I’m using a different brand and this one seemed better to use. I’m vegetarian so one of the sources of protein for me is protein powder. Just last week, I did a 3 Day Military diet which made me lose 6 pounds after 3 days! I used that diet because my cousin is having a wedding in 2 weeks. I read hundreds of people who had weight loss stories to share so I tried the diet, too. I plan to go on a diet again after 4 days and this protein shake will come in very handy. I wanted to drink that after my fitness workout to be able to stay strong and full. If you want to see how the military diet can help by making a review, here’s a good resource site. I hope you will make a good review for readers like me and hope this helps http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/faq/fat-burning-veggies.html

  2. Yummm, those blackberries look amazing!

    Sarah | Mass Gain Source