August 17, 2015

RAWnola by Loni Jane

I've been following Loni Jane on instagram since forever. 

I am very inspired by her lifestyle. 

She's amazing #girlscrush haha 

Loni Jane follows the 80/10/10 might have stumbled across her instagram profile before (she is kinda insta-famous) or have heard of her on tv or read about her in magazines - because her vegan pregnancy became a world wide debate. 

Anyway, on Sundays I am not only delivering my signature TBB jars but also chia pudding and I top it with rawnola and fruits. 

I adopted Loni Jane's recipe for the rawnola and made one slight adjustment. 

You'll need

20 pitted medjool dates
1 cup raw oats 
1 cup shredded coconut 
and I added 2 tsps date syrup


Just put dates and oats into a blender and pulse until you have the desired texture. Then add coconut and date syrup and pulse again just until everything is well mixed. 

EEEASY! Enjoy, birdies :)

xox TBB

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