September 28, 2015

Easy Almond Oreo Bliss Balls


Eating these bliss balls was like heaven. 
I mean what's better than crunchy oreos in a date ball?

Yes I know. Nothing.

Ok, oreos are not the healthiest thing, but you can add them to tons of fun shit! I just HAD TO make my bliss balls with oreo cookies in it. They taste so yummie and they are vegan, did you know that? 
So there are 4 oreos in 25 bliss balls...that's ok, right? I even added chia seeds, one of the healthiest super foods, for the little health kick. Oh, and hemp seeds & hemp protein powder to boost your energy. 

Here is the recipe! 

Have fun making them & have a great start into the new week!



70 grams sunflower seeds
50 grams pumpkin seeds
70 grams dried apricots
35 grams cashews 
50 grams almonds 
1 tbs chia seeds
2 tbs hemp seeds
1 tbs hemp protein powder 
a pinch of salt 
4 oreo cookies 
200 grams pitted medjool dates
4 tbs coconut oil
40 grams dark chocolate


Just blend all ingredients except oreos, coconut oil and dates in a high speed blender until you have a crumbly texture.

Then add oreos and medjool dates and pulse until you have a mixture that looks like this: 

Add mixture to a large bowl and mix it with the melted coconut oil. 

Now place a tablespoon full of mixture into your hands and roll into balls. 

Drizzle melted chocolate on top. Voilà!

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