September 11, 2015

You can't resist these delicious PANCAKES [porncakes]

You need

for the batter
115 grams flour (I used amaranth flour)
1 tsp baking powder
almond milk or any other plant milk
10 grams coconut crunch
a pinch of salt

coconut oil for frying

for decoration
1 banana 
1 passion fruit 
cloudberry jam (I LOVE cloudberry jam!!)
frozen raspberries
dark and white almond butter 
coconut chips


1. mix all ingredients for the batter and use as much 
soy milk as needed to make a smooth batter. 

2. melt coconut oil in a pan on medium heat. 

3. cook pancakes in the pan. I used about 1 
tablespoon of batter for each pancake. 

4. if you want to, put blueberries into the batter... 

5. for the pink sauce simply blend the raspberries 
with water and 1 tbs white almond butter

6. and then it's time to stack! 

• pancake
• banana slices 
• pancake 
• cloudberry jam & blueberries 
• pancake
• banana slices 
• pancake 
• 1/2 passion fruit 
• pancake
• banana slices 
• pancake 
• dark almond butter & blueberries 
• pancake
• banana slices 
• raspberry sauce & white almond butter 
• other half passion fruit & coconut chips

Of course, you can use the fruits and nut butters you like most. The pancake tower I made was the perfect banana-blueberry combination with a sweet sour taste (passion fruit & almond butter makes every meal 1000 times better haha)! 

The pancake tower didn't last long...

Pancake massacre!!

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