November 17, 2015

Skinny Pizza

Somehow, pizza makes me happy.

I wanted to create a recipe for a healthy pizza with half the calories than normal pizza. Processed foods have taken over our grocery stores, and of course there are many vegan options that make your pizza unhealthy. Skip the vegan cheese and the vegan sausage (so gross, really!).

If you do that then you're on the safe side ;)

So my number 1 vegan pizza recipe is the cauliflower crust pizza. The original recipe is from my instagram friend Christina (yep, same name <3)..I just made slight changes. The recipe is for 4 pizzas. One pizza has 300 calories including the toppings that I've used. I MEAN.....BAAAMM!

I found this amazing ready-made tarte flambée pastry at the grocery store. I usually try to make pizza dough myself but this time I was a lazy birdie. 

I made a tomato sauce out of 4 large tomatoes (blanch the tomatoes, then peel them and mix them). The cheese is cilantro mixed with tahina, cashew butter and water. 

I love the tahina cashew combo, that is why I always use it lol. It is full of healthy ingredients but it is high in calories too so make sure you don't use too much of it.

The tarte flambee pastry is only 228 calories. To the crust add tomato sauce, tahina cheese and all veggies you can find! Or what about grilled tofu? There are so many alternatives to sausage and cheese. Place in the oven for 8 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius and voilà! 

You can also use whole-wheat tortillas. 

So simple!!  

Here is another healthier option: 

I bought this frozen pizza marinara. I know! Processed food. But I had to try it. It is just pizza dough and tomato sauce. I added tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion rings and baked it for 15 minutes. Avocado slices, arugula salad & tahina on top...

and now look at this beauty!

Another great idea is quinoa crust pizza! 

Yes! Quinoa!! 

I created a recipe 2 years ago when I wasn't vegan and it contains eggs. I will create a new one without the eggs and will post it online asap. I promise.

Gluten free pizza dough ftw!


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