December 16, 2015

Just the Prettiest Smoothie Ever: Dragon Fruit x Cocoa Lime

Oh boy! The color is perfection. Yeaaah, it seems like pink dragon fruit is one of my favorite fruits. It's pink! I love pink. Nothing else to say. 

Dragon fruit, pitaya, do you call this wonderful fruit? It's full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber. 

Hot pink and yellow smoothie swirl:

1/2 dragon fruit
1 pear
200 grams lime soy yogurt (I used this one)
1 tsp chocolate spread (optional. because...calories!!)
1 tbs raw unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 kaki

I topped it with my fresh baked holiday granola (recipe will be online this weekend!). This tasted like a dessert! It was a meal and drink in one. Amaaaazing for birdies like me, and for those who can't decide if they want a fruity granola bowl or a smoothie for breakfast.

The color is just so pretty - I think this smoothie would be amazing if you're making breakfast for your friends or as a dessert if you're throwing a dinner party. Your friends will die!


Blend dragon fruit & pear. Then blend soy lime yogurt with kaki and cocoa powder..and chocolate if you like. Now pour 1/3 of the light smoothie in a jar, then 1/2 of the pink smoothie (slowly!), light one, pink one, light one. Easy, right? And now look at the swirl you just made! And now: toppings! Granola, goji berries, coconut flakes, basil seeds.


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