December 4, 2015

Mochi...Japanese/Californian Foodporn

Mochi. It is still one of the most hyped restaurants in Vienna. Getting a table in the evening can be difficult. This place is always packed. I recommend to come at 5pm (without reservation) 'cause when you're lucky you may be able to stay 1 1/2 - 2 hours and enjoy a delicious meal....or you make a reservation early. Booking in advance is highly recommended if you are a group of four and above.

Every tapas dish on the menu is vegan. My favorites are Edamame and Pimientos de Padron. And the miso soup is vegan aswell, of course. The pimientos de padron are amaaaahhhhzing! Spicy & salty. Always reminds me of my España travels. The BEST salad on the menu is the ponzu wakame salad! I am so crazy about it. It's seaweed with cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds and a miso dressing. Another option is to go to their take away shop O-M-K right across the street from Mochi. They sell most of the sauces they use for their meals and also dried wakame. Whoop whoop, make ponzu wakame at home! 

And then there are their famous inside out rolls! Unfortunately none of them is vegan, not even the crispy veggie roll because it contains tamago which is grilled egg. So you just ask for a vegan inside out roll, right? I always tell them I want a special roll and not only cucumber and avocado. So I get different kinds of veggie fillings every time I go there: grilled bell pepper, asparagus, daikon, leek,..and mostly avocado outside. 

Have you ever heard of sushi pizza? Mochi serves C R I S P Y   S U S H I    P I Z Z A! Sounds so delicious! And guess what?! Not vegan. Haha. But don't worry, order sushi pizza vegan style! The pizza "crust" is deep-fried rice. It is topped with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, horseradish and is just so good but difficult to eat - when you take a bite the topping falls off the pizza. 

So what about dessert? I have to admit, I can't say anything about the desserts since I am always too full to try them. There are 4 desserts on the menu and they doesn't sound vegan at all. Matcha Creme Brulée. Matcha, yes...[did you know I was a matcha addict?], creme brulée not so. Personally, I think they should add a vegan dessert to the menu. Who agrees? :)

And now the bad point: they served me non vegan food when I ordered vegan. This can happen, I know, but it happened 3 times out of 5. The one time I went there, I got a "vegan roll" with salmon inside. The waitress was friendly and said sorry and gave my friends the not so vegan-friendly sushi roll on the house. The other time my Crispy Veggie Roll was made with tamago inside. And then there was the day I thought it was a good idea to take out a vegan Dana Roll, take a walk along the Donaukanal, sit down in the sun and enjoy Mochi food. Yes, the idea was very good until that: surprise! It wasn't vegan. Chili mayonnaise on top. 

Update: I ate at Mochi a few days ago. I got the Dana Roll vegan style and it was perfect! So good! <3 And I had a baby spinach salad with sesame seeds and miso dressing. So easy & so tasty!

But, after all, I'd go there again. And I love to go there! Mochi is such a great place to dine. 

Praterstraße 15, 1020 Wien

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