March 9, 2016

1 Year Vegan Anniversary

Happy anniversary to meeee! It's been 1 year eating vegan. Time flies! Whoa!

Remember my post about my trip to Berlin last year? That trip changed everything because I made one of the best decisions of my life: I became vegan. In Berlin I got to know german vegan chef Attila Hildmann and he made me realise that a vegan diet was the best that I could do for our planet and for my health. 

I didn't tell my friends at first, because I thought they would criticize me or so. I know, stupid thoughts, right? When they heard or read about my new plant based lifestyle here on the blog, on facebook or instagram, most of my friends were like oh wow, I could never do that, but I have great respect for you. But they never said anything mean. Then there is always the cranky person who makes jokes about veganism and wants to argue with you & that is very annoying.. I mean, I never convince anybody to go vegan. Some people react so weird and now I know why - they feel judged. If someone asks me about my vegan diet I tell them why I went vegan and why it is the best diet for me & if they want to know more they should watch Cowspiracy or Vegucated. 

Growing up in a family of meat eaters (I'd say they eat a lot of meat, organic meat, but still meat), it seemed unrealistic to cut out animal products completely. What would they say?! Especially my dad and my grandma were sceptical about veganism. I think they first saw going vegan as a phase that will pass. Now after a year my family is very supportive and even rips out magazine pages with veganism-related content so I can read it. So kind of them, don't you think? :) Also, after I received my super healthy blood test results all the 'and what about the protein and calcium and blah blah' questions have stopped ;) 

I feel healthier than ever, I feel leaner, my skin is clearer, I am never sick and I have more energy than ever.

And now I am celebrating my anniversary with a huge salad bowl (arugula seasoned with a coconut blossom vinaigrette, tomatoes, baked mushrooms, corn couscous, avocado, cilantro & a tahini dressing) and a glass of wine. Cheers!

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  1. Being Vegan takes lot of commitment but the advantages are numerous, especially for health. I'm vegetarian and just recently, I went on a 3 Day Military diet since I have to lost an excess of 7 pounds for my brother's upcoming wedding. The diet was low carb and permitted substitutions for vegans and vegetarians, so I found that great! I also lost around 6 pounds and I was pleased. I'm continuing to eat right and to exercise. For info on my diet hop on to this resource page