November 17, 2016

Did anyone say leg day?

The ones of you who follow me and my sister on instagram (her insta is private though) know that we are fitness addicts. It's a passion. Do you know that kind of people that freak out or simply don't feel comfortable when they can't work out for a longer time? Like when they are too busy or so? That's us. Taking some exercise is easy. It is so important to take care of your body! It is a temple and you got to worship it, right!? 

When I first joined a gym in 2009 I had no idea of how to use exercise machines. I remember using the inner/outer thigh machine while text messaging! I was sitting there comfortably, effortlessly. No sweat. And I thought I did it right ha! So embarrassing. I did a lot of cardio, a bit ab training and hardly ever weight lifting. I looked slim, but not strong.

In 2012 I joined another gym where I am still a member. It is one of the 20€/month gym memberships. If you wanna start too, I'd recommend McFit. Most of the studios have cyber training classes (with David Kirsch, Barbara Becker, Kate Hudson, to name a few), spinning classes, boxing, TRX,.... they offer quite a lot for only 20€. And as a member you can visit all their studios across Europe! 

Babes, I am not a certified fitness trainer, I only want to show you here how we train!

So this is our leg & butt workout routine:
(thanks for being my super hot model, Julia!)

Oh and sorry for using so many youtube videos up here, I forgot to take pictures last time Julia and I worked out together.

1. So first of all, warm up!! Get your muscles loose, active, warm and ready by a 10 minute cardio training.
I like to get on the cross trainer or the treadmill.

2. Leg press. 3x12 repetitions.

3. Single leg press. 3x12 repetitions each side.

4. Leg extension. 3x12 repetitions.

5. Seated leg curl. 3x12 repetitions.

6. Squats for a bigger butt!! 
3x20 repetitions. 
Julia uses 20 kilos, I use 15.

7. Dead lifts. 3x12 repetitions.

8. Single leg dead lifts. 3x12 receptions each side.

picture by Women's Health

9. Plie squats. 3x20 repetitions. 
We use a 5 kilo dumbbell /kettle bell.

9. I know, it is the last thing you want to do after a workout,
but stretching is so important!! 
Yeah, I hate it too. 
Yoga child pose, toe touches, arm swings, you know what to do ;)

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