January 13, 2017

Amaranth Rice Cake Party

Instagram is the best inspo when it comes to food! I saw lots of pictures of bagels with amazing colorful toppings on insta lately. I wanted to make something like this too. I went to the next grocery store to grab some bagels.... they had no bagels. Yup. I found these amaranth rice cakes which were a bit thinner than 'normal' rice cakes. I NEVER buy foods like this...I have no idea why I stopped at this section. Anyway, I bought amaranth rice cakes and was happy that I could use them for my colorful food party picture :P 

I think they are amazing for a brunch or dinner party with friends! Next time when I invite my bffs for a girls night I will definitely top those amaranth crackers with guacamole, humus, dried tomato spread and lots of other yummy things! And the best thing is that you can top them with sweet stuff too. I love the slight salty taste  of the amaranth cake with creamy sweet cashew butter! If you use wet products (like coconut yogurt or so) make sure to add them right before you want to eat or serve the amaranth cakes, because they will soften the crispy crackers.

Here is a list of what I topped my amaranth rice cakes with (see my first picture - from top left to bottom right):

1. spirulina soy yogurt (yes, it's blue!) & freeze dried strawberries
2. guacamole, tomato & black sesame seeds
3. beet root coconut yogurt & mango and dried mulberries
4. guacamole & avocado
5. beet root coconut yogurt & banana
6. speculoos spread, pine nuts & passion fruit
7. hazelnut butter, freeze dried strawberry powder & coconut
8. spirulina soy yogurt + passion fruit and lime
9. peanut butter & hazelnut wafers

Mega easy and very delicious! Have fun making your own!

xx C

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