February 20, 2018

Soak Your Oats!

Why you should involve oatmeal in your diet plan

- it can help you control your weight because it makes you feel full
- oatmeal contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
- oatmeal may help you reduce high blood pressure
- it is so easy to make
- oatmeal may reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes
- simply add fruits and plant milk for the most delicious breakfast

Why you should soak your oats

Oats contain phytic acid. Phytic acid is a substance that reduces our absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. If you can reduce the Phytic Acid in your food, you can improve your iron absorption. Well, now it comes to soaking! It allows enzyme to break down and neutralize phytic acid and also your digestive system will thank you for it because it helps your body to digest easy.

Here is a very easy recipe for you to try. In the morning add fruits of choice, maybe a smoothie, a teaspoon of almond butter, coconut chips, anything you like. I love to mix he oats with almond milk, then top the mixture with a smoothie and fresh berries. It's super easy to make and ready in 10 minutes! 

You need:

80 g oats
2 tsp chia seeds
240 ml plant milk
fresh and dried fruits

Soak oats and chia seeds for at least 2 hours in plant milk or water. The longer, the better. Overnight in the fridge is the best! In the picture above you see my Pinkberry jar. I mixed black currant powder with the oats to add a little sweet and sour taste. The smoothie is banana, strawberries and coconut milk. Topped with my homemade granola, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and passion fruit. Yummy right?!


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