April 30, 2018

Facts About Me

It's time to share some random facts about me! 

1. My favorite cities are Los Angeles and Melbourne.
2. I was born in Germany.
3. I have a law degree.
4. My favorite color is black.
5. I try to walk 10k steps every day.
6. My favorite skin care product is a face oil by Rituals.
7. I don't like cooked carrots.
8. Live music is my passion, but I never started playing an instrument myself. 
9. I don't like to work out in the evening.
10. Summer is my favorite season.
11. I am a morning person.
12. I love grocery shopping in other countries and buy products that are not available in Austria.
13. I hate flying, but boarded an aircraft about 22 times last year.
14. I collect I ❤️ - mugs from as many different cities as possible.
15. I don't smoke.