April 10, 2018

Healthy Happiness: Self-Care and Self-Love

I am a big fan of former fitness- and now (I would say) mental health-instagram babe Sophie Gray (@wayofgray). She promotes a healthy lifestyle to find happiness. You should look at yourself through loving eyes and become the healthiest happiest version of yourself. Self-care and self-love is the key. Think of that: You are beautiful. You are a queen. Relax. Take it slow. Fall in love with yourself!

        any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care
        of our mental, emotional, and physical health

I totally agree with Sophie who says SELF-CARE is all about taking at least one day off during the week. It's hard for me because I mostly work every day. Social media, recipe creations, catering, collabs - and I just can't forget about work. I often can't zone out. At least I try to invest more time in myself and take the day off. 

My favorite self-care routine is to stay at home in a cosy blanket on the couch and scroll through instagram and pinterest to get inspired for new projects. I know what you are thinking: isn't that work for you? Yes, but in a comfortable workplace. And: I love to watch chick-flicks and just relax. Most important: make time and take time for your self-care.

More ideas: 

  Bubbles baths


  Face masks at home (invite your bff!)

  Reading a book

        regard for one's own well-being and happiness

And then there is SELF-LOVE. You should learn to become your own best friend and love all aspects of who you are. We are not perfect and that is ok. You should know - whether you are single, have acne, or you don't have the perfect beach body - that you are good enough. It is so easy. You might struggle with these things, but they keep you stuck and unhappy. Does dieting make you happy? ...... see!? Self-love is about connecting with yourself, doing things that scare you (like leaving a toxic relationship) and things that light you up, dropping self-critical thoughts, being able to say "no". If you are at war with yourself you will suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. Be true to who your are! Love yourself, heal yourself and you will be happy and successful. 

Some self-love techniques:

  - How do you treat yourself? Pay attention to your self-talk and how you feel about it.

  - Protect yourself. Think about what is good for you and what is not. Don't keep 
    people in your life who bring you down or try to change you. Keep those who push 
    you to achieve your goals.

  - Good self-care and self-love go hand in hand. Do things you are good at & bring
    out the best version of yourself. Hello, self-esteem!

x Christina


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