TBB is a blog about a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about life. I share recipes, travel guides, thoughts on my vegan diet, reviews and a lot more with you. I was always a health nut! And I learned a lot about nutrition from my sister, who is a nutritionist. Healthy food & fitness is the key to a leaner and cleaner life. When I signed up to Instagram in 2012 I discovered so many great inspiring people. Instagram is an amazing tool to motivate people to make healthy lifestyle choices. This was also my goal when I started this blog.

I am a breakfast addict. It was kind of a morning routine to make a beautiful looking jar filled with fruits, oats, nuts, chia seeds & to take a picture of it and post it on Facebook and instagram. People asked me where I got it from and an idea came up to make breakfast in jars for my friends & family. This was the time when TBB catering and breakfast delivery in jars was born.

I recently posted random facts about me here.

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