Reasons why I am vegan.

x My health! I've always had problems with my stomach and my digestion. Since I am vegan all symptoms are gone. No stomachache anymore :) and omg my skin has never looked better! 

x The things I've seen. The videos online. All the horrifying things that happen in animal product productions, in slaughterhouses.

x I love animals.

x Vegan food is delicious!

In 2014 when I hold Attila Hildmann's books "Vegan For Fit" and "Vegan For Fun" in hands I knew it was the first step in the right direction. So I gave it a try...2 weeks vegan, 3 weeks vegan. The first vegan grocery shopping trips took like forever! I doubled-checked the labels - whole wheat bread contains dairy products, cereals often contain honey (that's why I make my own) update: I eat honey now. I blogged about it here.
Anyway, it was surprisingly easy for me to eat vegan. Ok, I have to admit, I've never eaten that much meat & bad food but I made one big mistake: I only ate salads and granola with fruits and soy yogurt, tofu, humus (so boring!!) although I had those two awesome cookbooks at home! 

I am vegan since March 9th 2015. I cook with nut butter, fresh herbs, different grains, I make vegan sushi, vegan pizza, I experiment with seasonings and combinations. Vegan food is just so good! I also started cooking vegan for my friends and family and - surprise, surprise - they love it :)


..die ersten 2 Monate vegan
1 Year Vegan Anniversary